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Hot Tub Instructions

Taking care of the Hot Tub during your hire.

We will set up the Laz-y-Spa in the position you choose (subject to a visual assessment. We will begin to fill your Spa with hot/cold water (please note if starting with cold water it may take up to 12hrs to reach desired temperature) We will provide all required instructions & chemicals needed for a hassle free hire period.

You (the hirer) will be required to do the following

1 Shock Dose - Before using your spa, shock dosing the water in your Lay‑Z‑Spa kills any bacteria from the start. This needs to be done once the Spa has been filled.

  •  Turn on the water filtration system (the 2 circling arrow button) but ensure the massage seam (bubbles) is off.

  • Add 3 teaspoons of Chlorine granules to a jug (provided) of Spa water, mix with spatula until cloudy then add to the Spa.

  • Put the Spa cover on.

  • Turn on the heat system (3 flames). Use up/down button to select desired temperature.

2. Test Water After 2 Hours - It is essential to test the water every time before getting in. When it comes to water testing, we recommend using Clearwater 3 Way Dip Test Strips (provided). Using Clearwater Dip Test Strips, you are able to quickly and accurately assess your spa’s water conditions and make adjustments to the chemical levels as required.
This may require you to adjust your pH, Alkaline and Chlorine levels. Dosage amounts will vary.

3. Making Adjustments - Test the Spa each morning & before each use with the test strips provided, making any adjustments as required using the suppled chemicals. All doses are written on each individual bottle.

For more in depth instructions on looking after your hired Hot Tub please visit the manufacturers website.


Please keep all chemicals away from young children, make sure each bottle has the cap fully closed. Wash hands after each use.